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‘Force’ by M. Guiraud-Riviere, 1930

An imposing Art deco bronze depicting three workers as an allegory of strength and power, the rare green patinated sculpture with foundry marks for Etling, Paris, signed M. Guiraud Riviere in the bronze. French circa 1930.
Length overall: 70 cm (28 inches)

Note: Born in Toulouse in 1881, M G-R was an eminent French sculptor and designer of theArt Deco period. He exhibited at the Salon des Beaux Arts as early as 1911, and worked extensively with Parisian bronze foundry Etling who cast his works for over 30 years. ‘Allegorie de la Force’ is one of his more dramatic works, and is unusual in this, the larger of two sizes. The example offered is a particularly sharp and well-defined example, with a green, or ‘vert-de-gris’ patina, evocative of the period.

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