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'Centaur' by François Bazin, 1924

A highly expressive and unique monumental bronze sculpture by French-born artist François Bazin (1897-1956). A most accomplished interpretation of the dominant Art Deco style of the era, depicting the imposing presence of a Centaur derived from ancient Greek mythology. Mounted on a green marble plinth, signed and impressed PIÈCE UNIQUE 1924.

Height: 31 inches (79 cm).

Additional Notes: Bazin is regarded as having created some of the most stylish Art Deco sculpture. Fascinated by speed and flight, he designed numerous car mascots which are highly sought-after today for ‘grandes marques’ such as Hispano-Suiza and Isotta Fraschini. He also sculptured this subject, the Centaur, as a mascot for UNIC, the French car manufacturer founded by Georges Richard in 1906. It is assumed that this unique monumental sculpture was commissioned by UNIC as a boardroom or showroom display.

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Centaurs are a race of creatures, part-human and part-horse, the embodiment of untamed nature and symbolic of chaos and unbridled passion. The author C. S. Lewis, in his ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series, depicts Centaurs as the wisest and noblest of creatures, gifted in astronomy, healing and prophecy.

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