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17th century 'Armada Chest'

An extremely large and colossally heavy cast iron 17th century ‘Armada Chest' or safe, the black patinated sides and lid with riveted bands and twisted (or wrythen) side handles, two flat hasps to the front and a false lock with ornate escutcheon. The actual lock is located in the top, under a discreet sliding keyhole cover, the original 6 inch key turns to activate the complex multiple-lever mechanism set within the lid.

Made of the heaviest materials available, these chests were made by ocean-going nations such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands to transport gold, silver and other valuables on board. Once fully loaded and locked, it would have been impossible to move, and without the key, impossible to open.

Length: 74 cm
Height: 44 cm
Depth: 42 cm

Price Code: ££

Reference: 6434

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