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‘Trench Art’ model of a Maxim gun, 1916

A finely detailed, ‘Trench Art’ model of a 1916 Maxim machine gun on a tripod stand and metal covered hardwood base, with large calibre casings acting as the feet. The model has numerous moving parts including a cocking-lever, trigger and an elevator screw to adjust the angle of the gun, and fitted on the base is an ammunition can with an opening lid and a water can with a chained stopper and swivelling handle.

The plaque, with regimental markings and stamped MASCHINENGEWEHR-SCHÜTZE K. HOLZNER 33.DIV strongly indicate this was made at the time of the Battle of Verdun. German made trench art is very scarce, and it would follow that this model was made by a German soldier, rather than a non-combatant or civilian, due to the well-observed nature of the piece.

Length overall: 18 inches (46 cm).

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Reference: 6194

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