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Telescope by Unitron, c. 1950s

A large polished steel and brass telescope of D100 mm F1500 mm specification, mounted on a modern ebonized wooden tripod with brass detailing, with various dials for accurate adjustment, and spirit level affixed to gauge the level of the instrument. American, circa 1950s.

Length of telescope: 60 inches (153 cm), height on tripod 100 inches (254 cm).

Additional Notes: Unitron is a distributor of optical instruments including microscopes, binoculars, and formerly telescopes made by Nikon Seiko of Japan.

The US based company was founded in 1952 and although they no longer sell telescopes they still sell replacement parts. The Unitron telescopes included 2 inch to 8 inch refractors, and were noted for their high quality specifications and metal and wood construction

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