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Browning, Deringer and Colt models

A collection of three unusual bespoke giant display models of classic hand guns, comprising:

A - Colt 45, otherwise known as the Colt 'Peacemaker' or Colt 'Single Action Army' handgun.

This legendary single action revolver, holding six rounds of ammunition, was designed for the US Cavalry by the Colt Manufacturing and adopted in 1873. Used in almost every western movie, it was the weapon of choice for numerous characters ranging from John Wayne to Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'!

Overall length: 56 cm (22 inches), overall height on stand: 30 cm (12 inches).

B - Browning M1911 semi-automatic handgun.

This classic single-action semi-automatic handgun was designed by John Browning and was the standard issue handgun for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985. Widely used in both World Wars as well as the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, over 2.7 million units were procured by the U.S during its service life.

Overall length: 43 cm (17 inches), overall height on stand: 30 cm (12 inches).

C - Remington Derringer 'Saturday Night Special' 2-shot pistol.

The term 'Derringer' is a genericized misspelling of the name of Henry Deringer, a famous 19th Century maker of small pistols, and is given to describe the smallest useable handgun of a give calibre. The original type held only a single round, but the famous Remington Derringer design doubled the capacity while maintaining the compact size, enabling easy concealment in a stocking top or at a saloon card table!

Overall length: 28 cm (11 inches), overall height on stand: 38 cm (15 inches).

Sold as a set of three.

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