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de Bruyne: 'Interior with 'Riding Crop''

de Bruyne (Dexter Brown, English, b. 1942)

Bruno Zach’s enduringly seductive bronze sculpture ‘The Riding Crop’ (see Ref 5958) provides the inspiration for this impressive oil on canvas by de Bruyne, aka Dexter Brown. Of imposing proportions, this is in fact the first and only interior ever painted by this brilliant British artist, whose work has been prized by collectors for over 40 years.

Inspired by Ruhlmann’s ‘Pavillion d’un Collectionneur’ at the 1925 Paris Exposition, this painting includes several references to icons of the Art Deco era, and confirms Dexter Brown’s deserved reputation as one of the most versatile artists of his generation.

Framed with a classic black lacquer frame with gold leaf slip and unglazed.

Size: 68 x 68 inches (173 x 173 cm).

Price Code: £££££

Reference: 6307

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