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'Le Sac Chauffeur' by T. Luc, c. 1906

A massive oil painting commissioned c. 1906 by Louis Vuitton, demonstrating their newly-introduced ‘Sac Chauffeur’ (Chauffeur’s Trunk) a waterproof circular trunk intended to be placed upon the roof of Edwardian limousines, it’s versatility was quite extraordinary, the ‘S.C’ being capable of adaptation into a bathtub for use on long journeys, and its other qualities are described in the painting, which also depicts an early automobilist ‘riding’ upon his ‘Sac Chauffeur’. The first ‘Sac Chauffeur’ was made in 1905 as a special commission for His Majesty King Alfonso of Spain, a pioneer motorist and client of Vuitton. The painting offered here is one of two created for use as backdrops for displays in Vuitton’s shop at 149 New Bond Street, which opened in 1900 and also used at the many World’s Fairs, Exhibitions and Salons de l’Automobile where Vuitton exhibited around the world.

Dimensions: 168 x 131 inches (14’ x 11’ or 426 x 335 cms).

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