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Novelty Art Deco cocktail shakers by Asprey

Novelty cocktail shakers from the luxury maker's Asprey and Co.

(Left) Asprey and Co: The “Thirst Extinguisher”, a rare novelty silver plated cocktail shaker in the form of a 1930’s fire extinguisher, the base turning to reveal recipes for 8 different cocktails, Asprey & Co, London. English, 1930’s. Height: 15 inches (38 cm).

One of a range of novelty cocktail shakers introduced by Asprey in 1932. At 25 gns, (£26.25), the Thirst Extinguisher was the most expensive and is highly sought after today.

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(Right) a pair of Art Deco “Dumb-Bell” silver plated cocktail shakers in the form of weight-lifters dumb bells by Asprey & Co, London. Dating from 1932, the 'Dumb-Bells' were always retailed in pairs. Height of each 9 inches (23 cm).

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