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'Mein Benz' cigarette cases, 1913 and 1925

(Shown on left) a very early German silver-plate and enamel cigarette case, the original enamel panel with stylishly dressed young lady embracing her bright red Benz, underneath the exclamation ‘Mein Benz!!’ With a plain push-button clasp and thumbpiece with a gilded interior with original elastics for holding the cigarettes in place. In a fitted burgundy glazed-calf presentation case. German, circa 1913.

Height: 3½ inches (9 cm).

Price Code: £££

(On right) a later design in silver and guilloché enamel, with a plain push-button clasp with gilded interior with single elastic for holding the cigarettes in place. Stamped with maker’s marks to the interior. In a fitted burgundy glazed-calf presentation case. Again German, circa 1925.
Height: 3½ inches (9 cm).

Price Code: SOLD

The image of an attractive young lady embracing her Benz is one of the most enduring and popular automotive advertising images. Her first appearance dates from 1913, in which her car was bright red. Both the young lady and her automobile evolved over the following 15 years, as fashions and automobile design also changed.

This exceptional pair of cases represents two of the four case designs, produced between 1913 and 1928. Produced to be presented as gifts, to the wives or companions of gentlemen who ordered a new Benz or Mercedes automobile, never for retail.

Of all the different pieces made bearing the Mein Benz image, it is the cigarette cases, with their decorative enamel panels, which are the most sought-after.

Reference: 6112 and 6113

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