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1930 8-Litre Bentley model

A rare, 1:12 scale model of a 1930 8-Litre Bentley, by Fulgurex of Switzerland. This well detailed metal model, is mounted in a mirror-based glazed wooden display case with plaque, with a well-detailed interior, lift-up bonnet and engine detailing. Swiss, circa 1972.

Overall length: 20 inches (51 cms).

The 8-litre Bentley had an extraordinarily short production period, being manufactured between 1930 and 1932, and was showcased at the 1930 London Motor show. Unfortunately the release of the 8-Litre was badly timed - the Great Depression had stated to bite and Bentley found themselves in financial difficulties. Remarkably they managed to produce 100 examples of the 8-Litre before production ceased in 1932.

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