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'Mercedes Candelabrum' by Mercedes-Benz, 1937

A unique and highly important Sterling silver five-branch candelabrum, surmounted by a cast silver Mercedes-Benz star. The motif is reprised to the base, where facsimile signatures of the German Grand Prix aces - Hermann Lang, Manfred von Brauchitsch, Bernd Rosemeyer and Rudolph Caracciola - are inlaid. A unique piece, commissioned by Mercedes-Benz in 1937 in Caracciola's honour and presented to the Regenmeister at a banquet to mark of one of his most successful racing seasons. Superb - the only word for it.

Provenance: the Trophy Room of the late Rudolph Caracciola.

Note: Rudolph Caracciola, one of the most famous names in racing, was regarded by many as the greatest driver of them all. “Luck was with me” he wrote, recalling his1935 season, “with seven Grand Prix and two other races I had become German champion and had earned the European championship for Mercedes”. In wet weather race conditions Rudi Caracciola had no equal and therefore he was known as the Regenmeister (Rain-master). Height overall 48 cm (19 inches).


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