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‘1937 Mercedes-Benz W125’ by John Elwell

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A magnificent and unique large-scale aluminium sculptural model of the highly successful 1937 Mercedes-Benz W125. The body, constructed in Elwell‘s signature style of hand-formed aluminium panels riveted over a space frame, with cast wheels and tyres and rear view mirror. The model includes a well detailed interior with wooden seat and dashboard detailing with Sterling silver plaque, signed John Elwell and numbered 1/1. English, 2012.

The sculptural aluminium models of John Elwell are unique in their concept and construction. Each piece is a one-off and takes around 1000 hours to hand-build.

Dimensions: Length 42 inches (107 cms), width 16 inches (41 cms) and height 10 inches (25 cms).

Additional Notes: In 1937, Mercedes-Benz developed the W125 for that year’s Grand Prix season, which served as a replacement for the successful W25. The design elements were largely affected by the race regulations at the time, limiting weight to 750 kgs between 1934 – 1937. This also gave birth to the legendary name the ‘Silver Arrows’ which was given to all Mercedes Grand Prix cars between 1934 – 1939.

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