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'Weather station' cube clocks by Hermès Paris

The ultimate gentleman’s (or lady’s) desk accessory by Hermès in three variants (from left):

A magnificent (and very rare in this large size), silver-plated Art Deco desk compendium, or ‘Weather station’, with various functions including compass, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer and clock, the heavy bronze case, silver-plated with bracket feet, made by Kirby Beard for Hermès. French, circa 1930s.

Size: 5 inches (11 cm) cubed.

Price Code: ££££

(Centre) A silver plated Art Deco cube desk compendium known as a ‘Weather station’ in the smallest of the two sizes, with various functions including compass, calendar, thermometer, barometer and clock, the heavy bronze case, silver-plated with bracket feet, the clock dial signed ‘Hermès, Paris’. French, circa 1930s.

Size: 4 inches (10 cm) cubed.

Price Code: ££££

(Right) is the scarcest variant of all, the model designed for Hermès by Paul Dupré Lafon (1900-1971), the stepped base section covered in dark green hand-stitched leather, the compendium also featuring a perpetual calendar and marked ‘Hermès, Paris’ to the clock face. French, circa 1940s.

Height: 5½ inches (14 cm), base: 6 inches (15 cm) square.

Collaborating with Hermès for over 30 years, Dupré-Lafon had a keen affinity with practicality combined with luxury, principles embodied by this design for the ultimate multi-function desk accessory made by one of the finest names in luxury goods.

Price Code: ££££

Reference: 6027, 6302, 6287

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