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'Monaco Grand Prix', 1933

Geo Ham (Georges Hamel, French 1900-1972)

‘Monaco Grand Prix, 1933’.

Rare, original poster dated 1933. Conservation linen mounted, framed and glazed with UV resistant Plexiglas.

Dimensions: 48 x 32 inches (120 x 80 cms).

Notes: The 1933 event introduced a new practice, determining starting position by practice times, rather than randomly by lot. Design pioneer Enzo Ferrari set up what considered the most distinguished team in Grand Prix racing, the Alfa Romeo group.This time around, the winner was still Achille Varzi in a French Bugatti T51, but Alfa Romeo took three of the next four places. Design-wise we detect some of Falucci's influence, but Ham, who spent much of his career on paintings and illustrations of cars and airplanes.

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